Unit Overview

In-Game Structure

SOCOMD represents multiple military units working together to achieve common goals. The military units included consist of 2nd Commando Regiment and Special Operations Logistics Squadron.


1st Commando Regiment

The 1st Commando Regiment (1CDO) is a loosely organised group of new recruits and less active members of SOCOMD. This is where new recruits spend their probation, during which they will be able to freely play with any of the sections of 2nd Commando Regiment (2CDO). They have the option of remaining a member of 1CDO following the completion of their probation period.


2nd Commando Regiment

The 2nd Commando Regiment (2CDO) is an organised group of the most active members in SOCOMD, in which there are four (4) fixed sections that make up 1st Platoon (1PL). Members must have completed their probation and be able to commit to being regularly active in order to be eligible for 2CDO.


Special Operations Logistics Squadron

The Special Operations Logistics Squadron provides close and general logistic support to all units within SOCOMD. SOLS are primarily rotary wing pilots, they conduct Close Air Support (CAS), transport, logistics support and reconaissance. These operations are carried out in a variety of aircraft, such as the AH-6 and MH-6 Little Bird, S-70A-9 Black Hawk, CH-47D Chinook and AH-64 Apache. Their main role is supporting infantry units in the field, and may sometimes appear on the ground in Armed Bushmaster MRAPs or the Boxer Infantry Fighting Vehicle/Armoured Personnel Carrier (IFV/APC).


Support Detachment

The Support Detachment plays a dynamic role alongside 1st Platoon (1PL), providing enhanced Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) and long range direct fire capability. They can also provide mobile mortar support and heavy Anti-Air/Anti-Tank (AA/AT) capability.