Unit Structure

Structure Overview - SOCOMD ORBAT

SOCOMD represents a Joint Task-Force that actually consists of multiple military units working together to achieve common goals. At the moment, it currently consists of 6 Squadron of SASR and the Joint Air Command (JAC).

Below you can find a diagram depicting our units main structure.

SASR Orbat

SASR Information

Every member is initially recruited into the R-Troop and can choose to join the JAC (Joint Air Command) once they are of sufficient rank and have completed the required training. The required training is detailed in the “Training Courses” section of this website, while the Rank Structure and Progression System for each unit can be found in the “Ranks & Insignias” section.

The 6 Squadron (6 SQN) of the Special Air Service Regiment (SASR), represents SOCOMD’s primary body of ground troops. Operationally, 6 SQN is capable of all manner of ground combat with a strong focus on human intelligence gathering and unconventional warfighting. Administratively, 6 SQN houses all the organisational functions of SOCOMD. This includes human resources, and operations planning (i.e. mission making) for all SOCOMD elements, including the Joint Air Command (JAC).

Below you will find a diagram depecting our 2nd commando structure.

Joint Air Command Orbat

Joint Air Command Infomation

The Joint Air Command (JAC) is the umbrella organisation for all air based assets detached to SOCOMD. JAC is fictional in its structure and has been formulated specifically for SOCOMD in order to maintain some realism without making SOCOMD top heavy in terms of overall ranks, whereby both rotary and fixed-wing air support can be housed under one organisation in a ground support manner.

Below you will find a diagram showing the structure of our 171st squadron.

Squadron HQ

Squadron HQ, is the core of the unit. The members who are involved in HQ, keep things running and use their own free time to do so. For administrative purposes, 6 Squadron HQ (6 SQN HQ) represents the highest level of management and leadership in SOCOMD. It governs Operations Groups One and Two which manages human resource and technical matters respectively for all units under SOCOMD. Additionally, SASR training and operations planning is done by Squadron HQ (SQN HQ) itself. During operations, Squadron HQ deploys and manages SASR personnel on the ground whilst coordinating support from other units.

Squadron's HQ's job is to work for the benfit of SOCOMD and its members. HQ holds weekly and monthly meetings to ensure that the community is constantly being looked after.

Below you can find two diagrams which show how HQ works.


Joint Staff Section Breakdown

Operations Group 1

Ops Group 1 - Manpower & Administration

Operations Group One (Ops Group 1) is an element under SQN HQ that is responsible for the human resource and manpower management function of SOCOMD.

In SOCOMD, it is vital to note that the job of administration may be simple, but it is one that requires constant attention and care.

Specific Functions of the Ops 1 Branch

  • To respond to, or appropriately forward, any emails in regards to SOCOMD recruitment.
  • To formally process and induct new applicants and assign them for training.
  • To keep track of SOCOMD personnel in and update the Personnel Register in the following areas;

    • Training
    • Disciplinary Actions Received
    • Promotions
    • Qualifications
    • Parent Unit

  • To periodically initiate recruitment drives and commission the production of recruitment materials, such as SOCOMD Reddit forum, assisting SOCOMD to grow.
  • To maintain any other administrative type registers for SQN HQ, excluding the registers filled under individual Regiments or other Service Sections.

Members of the Ops Group 1 Branch

  • Ops1 Specialist – SGT Noewon
  • Ops1 Clerk – LT Blood Wolf
  • Staff – CAPT Token
  • Staff – CPL Juezus
  • Staff – CPL Nero
  • Staff – LCPL Darthain

Operations Group 2

Ops Group 2 - Admin & Logistics

Operations Group Two (Ops Group 2) is an element under SQN HQ that is responsible for the technical administration and management of SOCOMD, i.e. all things Information Technology based.

As it stands, the J4 Branch requires the most amount of time and manpower to function, handling SOCOMD’s most ‘hands-on’ tasks.

Specific Functions of the J4 Branch

  • To produce ArmA campaigns and missions, that are dynamically scripted or supervised via the Zeus function.
  • To create, update and maintain the contents of SOCOMD’s;

    • Website
    • Cloud storage
    • Team Speak
    • ArmA servers
    • Missions
    • Mods

  • To identify and implement new ArmA modifications that are suitable to the way in which SOCOMD operates and are aligned to the mission statement.
  • To manage additional technical projects, such as;

    • creating and uploading media content.
    • Assisting Ops Group 1 in creating content for recruitment.
    • Assist to manage any forums.

Members of the Ops Group 2 Branch

  • Ops2 Specialist – MAJ Seth
  • Ops2 Clerk – WO1 ChambersAUS
  • Staff – CAPT Renduhh
  • Staff – SGT Livesey
  • Staff – SGT William Wallace


Awards and Commendations

SOCOMD uses an awards and commendation system. If a member is observed to meet the requirements of a specific award or commendation, and is recommended for citation by an NCO to Squadron HQ, pending results of discussions between members of HQ, the member may be awarded that commendation during our monthly Award and Promotion Ceremony, and receive the respective TeamSpeak badge.

SOCOMD Wall of Honour

Distinguished Service Cross
Tabboo – Retired (16th April 2014)
Devo – Retired (27th April 2014)
Red Horizon – Retired (27th September 2014)
Chain (25th October 2014)
Seth (30th June 2015)
Btodan (25th January 2015)
Watudube (26th July 2015)
Jacob (31st October 2015)

Distinguished Service Medal
Rawkzilla – Retired (19th March 2014)
Rabbit – Retired (16th April 2014)

Commendation of Gallantry
Spike – Retired (6th January 2014)
DeadpanPanda (16th January 2014)
Gonzonaut – Retired (27th September 2014)
Cleaver – Retired (27th September 2014)
Seth (28th February 2015)
Watudube (19th December 2013)
Shorty (6th January 2015)
Btodan (30th June 2015)

ToxicSpare (25th January 2015)
Watudube (25th January 2015)
Spitfire – Retired (25th January 2015)
Rabbit – Retired (28th February 2015)
DeadpanPanda (28th February 2015)
Arabia/Marco (15th March 2015)
Chain (25th March 2015)
Ivan (28th March 2015)
Ranger (14th April 2015)
Goozi (17th April 2015)
Seth (26th July 2015)
Sharkie (7th May 2015)
Psysk (26th August 2015)
Ranger (14th April 2015)
Red Horizon – Retired (9th March 2015)

Leadership Commendation
Shorty (22nd April 2015)
Watudube (26th July 2015)
Rabbit – Retired (25th January 2015)

Star of Duty (Phased out)
Harry736 – Retired (19th December 2013)
Anethro – Retired (6th January 2014)