• Unreasonable conduct:
    When a soldier engages in conduct that is unbecoming of a member of SOCOMD, ie. blatant disregard of authority, maturity and or trolling.

  • Lawful order:
    Mission/tactical orders that relate to the operation and/or teamspeak.

1.0 Website, Steam Group, and TeamSpeak Rules

Note that these rules apply to everyone, including visitors, on our Teamspeak server.

  • 1.1
    Conduct yourself within a reasonable level of maturity when on SOCOMD’s Teamspeak and whilst interacting with other members of SOCOMD.

  • 1.2
    It is not required to address Officers or Warrant Officers as “SIR or MA’AM”, but all conversations with a higher ranking personnel should warrant an appropriate level of respect.

  • 1.3
    Do not display any adult and gore themed avatars.

  • 1.4
    Do not use confusing or humorous TeamSpeak names, e.g. ‘Blue’, ‘’, ‘Bomb’, ‘Tacticool’, etc. You will be notified in your interview, or later by a senior member from OPS1 if your name is deemed inappropriate.

  • 1.5
    No rage quitting within TeamSpeak. Instead, move to a different channel or say “BRB” to cool down.

  • 1.6
    Do not abuse your Teamspeak user rights, such as deleting or changing room names (unless you are authorized to do so) or kicking people off the channel/server as a joke. Respect it as it is part of SOCOMD property.

  • 1.7
    No advertising on our Website, Steam Group, or TeamSpeak. Suggesting another Arma 3 related website, Teamspeak server or Game Server for SOCOMD members to join or play on is not allowed.

  • 1.8
    Do not create offensive channel names under the ‘Chat and Game Room Dispensary’ channel within Teamspeak.

  • 1.9
    Do not share, modify, or publicise any of SOCOMD’s public relation materials or training documents outside of SOCOMD without written consent (email) from CCO or CXO. If you do, depending on the severity, you will be subjected to immediate dishonourable discharge (ban) and face legal procedures according to Australian Copyright Laws where applicable.

  • 1.10
    Do not poach/steal SOCOMD members from our unit, mediums of which include but are not limited to Emails, TeamSpeak (Verbal and Written messages), Website Forum and Steam Group (including private Steam text chats and VON). The offender will be banned from SOCOMD ASAP.

  • 1.11
    Any general unreasonable conduct by individuals may be subjected to disciplinary actions as decided by any senior NCOs or Senior Officers.

2.0 Server Type Rules

  • 2.1
    You are not to be playing on SOCOMD secondary servers if, within 1 hour, a SOCOMD operation/training is about to begin on the SOCOMD Operations or Training Servers.

  • 2.2
    ou are permitted to be on a SOCOMD server but only in the presence of an NCO with the minimum rank of Corporal.

3.0 In-Game Rules

  • 3.1
    Follow your orders and act accordingly. If no orders are given to you, request them if necessary.

  • 3.2
    If you do disagree with the order, save the discussion for the mission debrief.

  • 3.3
    Do not approach any additional ammo boxes unless told to by Homestead personnel.

  • 3.4
    All members after the Operation are to participate in the debrief unless you have to go urgently, in this case you will write a quick message to your superior saying you have to go via TeamSpeak, giving a reason if you feel obliged.

  • 3.5
    Respawn is allowed only once, but it is subjected to Patrol Leader’s discretion. If you die in the Operation, you need to wait in the Spectator channel till your body is brought back to base to simulate a full revive. Then you will be notified via TeamSpeak to rejoin the game. If you leave the Spectator channel, it means that you do not wish to be revived.

    • 3.5.1
      For pilots, if they are dead, they can only join back in as transport pilots.

    • 3.5.2
      Late arriving pilots may “join in progress” at any point in an operation in order to provide Aviation support.

    • 3.5.3
      During Stand Alone Operations, “join in progress” is allowed within 30 minutes of leaving the mission FOB. This however is not guaranteed and subject to the Troop Commander’s or mission maker’s permission.

  • 3.6
    Do not intentionally engage in fratricide (friendly fire), or harm/kill Civilians, surrendering Combatants or Prisoners of War (POWs)

  • 3.7
    If you are bugged due to a glitch, or have to disconnect discreetly, poke the Patrol Leader saying so via TeamSpeak.

  • 3.8
    Do not use the in-game VON or text chat systems.

  • 3.9
    Do not misuse any vehicles whilst in an operation or training.

  • 3.10
    Never Rage quit within a SOCOMD Operation or Training event. In case of EMERGENCIES in your real life and you MUST leave, just say the word “Emergencies” and your absence will be understood.

  • 3.11
    Do not change your in-game loadout unless ordered to by Homestead, via your Patrol Leader or Troop Commander.

  • 3.12
    Do not add your SOCOMD rank to your ARMA 3 character profile name.

  • 3.13
    During training sessions, any members who have a long range radio should tune into 55.5 ASAP for communication purposes with other training elements.

  • 3.14
    Be mindful of negligent discharges (ND) of your weapon and grenades by ensuring your weapon is “down” and unloaded when in base and that your grenade key bindings are adjusted to less likely be thrown accidentally, as well as changing to non lethal grenades.

  • 3.15
    Weapon assets and accessories must be appropriate to your current position within the operation. For example, optics of larger than 5x magnification are only allowed for Designated Marksmen and Sniper qualified operatives while fulfilling that role. Similar in principle to other overpowered gear, such as HK417, launchers, and UAVs.

  • 3.16
    While in-game, any unreasonable conduct may subject the offender to disciplinary actions as decided by any senior NCOs or senior Officers.

  • 3.17
    Respect and obey our ADF traditions and lineage.

  • 3.18
    No spamming of radio traffic or map markers during Operations or Training.

  • 3.19
    Only qualified personnel are allowed to use certain specific assets, such as sniper rifles.

  • 3.20
    No ‘Lone Wolfing’, ‘End of Game Finale’ or similar unprofessional behaviours, be responsible at all times.

  • 3.21
    During operations, keep questions mission specific to your Patrol Leader or higher.

  • 3.22
    In a transport vehicle, keep the general chatter to a minimum.

  • 3.23
    Stay quiet during briefings and debriefings unless it is your turn to talk.

  • 3.24
    When playing as Coalition Forces, do not leave any issued items or vehicles out in the field, unless the situation prevents you from retrieving them.

4.0 Rules for NCO's and Officers

  • 4.1
    NCOs and Officers MUST enforce rules as stated in Section 3.0 whilst in-game.

  • 4.2
    In-game authority for all NCOs and Officers are limited to their current in-game appointment.

  • 4.3
    SOCOMD NCOs and Officers, must reinstate their SOCOMD authority when in-game if they see a serious and/or repeated offence from a member who breaks any rules.

  • 4.4
    All HQ members are strictly prohibited from using our member’s personal information and details as a means of poaching, spamming or advertising, or for any non SOCOMD related purposes.

  • 4.5
    When exercising authority, NCOs and Officers must aim to de-escalate the situation first. Enforcing rules in manner which escalates matters is discouraged.

5.0 Commitment to roles and rank in SOCOMD

  • 5.1
    If you are part of Aviation support, that will be your first priority in an operation in SOCOMD.

  • 5.2
    If you have been given the SASR unit patch, your priority is ‘boots on the ground’ and will be assigned to a fixed patrol.

  • 5.3
    If any NCOs or Officers need to take time off SOCOMD for more than 2 weeks, they must notify their absence verbally or via email to Operations Group 1 (

  • 5.4
    In anticipation for any prolonged leave from SOCOMD, NCOs and Officers must ensure that they delegate their duties and responsibilities (if applicable) to an adjacent commander or subordinate.

  • 5.5
    Any Operations Group members, NCOs and Officers who are also part of other Arma steam groups, must not share or disclose any sensitive information from SOCOMD such as and not limited to, operating/training documents, structures, and procedures, account information, and internal affairs, with any other steam groups.

  • 5.6
    Any Operations Specialists and Clerks of SOCOMD, Unit COs, OCs, 2ICs, SSMs, including the SCO and SXO, are not allowed to join any other ARMA 3 Groups, in order to protect SOCOMD’s confidentiality of account information and internal affairs.

6.0 Member Leave Policy

  • 6.1
    Any SOCOMD members who wish to take leave for an extended period of time (2 weeks or more) must email Ops Group 1 ( to notify of their length of leave and a possible return date.

  • 6.2
    Any SOCOMD members who do not notify Ops Group 1 about their absence, and do not attend any SOCOMD operations for eight (8) weeks consecutively will be considered as ‘AWOL’ (Absent).

    • 6.2.1
      Once the member is considered ‘AWOL’, Ops Group 1 may notify him via email and ask him to respond in terms of his return date. The AWOL member can choose to respond regarding his return date to be active, apply for an extended leave, or to be discharged from SOCOMD in his reply email.

    • 6.2.2
      If the member responds within two (2) weeks via email, he will be marked as “On Leave”, and placed in Reserve Troop where applicable. His position in the Fixed Patrol ORBAT will be fulfilled by other members due to his absence. He is expected to return on the given date, and if not, Ops Group 1 may repeat this process in 6.2.1.

  • 6.3
    If the member does not respond to the AWOL email within two (2) weeks, he will be placed on the “Discharged” list on the register and removed from SOCOMD.

  • 6.4
    Any Discharged members who wish to come back, will need to return to the rank of Candidate and start all of his training again. Promotions and appointments may not be available for this returning member. Any returning members however, can retain his accolades from previous times within SOCOMD.

  • 6.5
    Attendance in official weekly SOCOMD operations is encouraged. Every 3 months, an attendance of 75% is required by members of fixed patrols.

7.0 Member revocation process

Any members who break the above SOCOMD Rules will:

  • 7.1
    Face counselling from SOCOMD HQ and possibly receive verbal/and written warning(s).

  • 7.2
    All offending members are given two (2) chances to rectify their actions, first being a Verbal Warning and the second/final warning being a WSO (Warning from Senior Officer), both warnings will be recorded.

  • 7.3
    On the third offence, the offending member will be discharged from SOCOMD and banned.

  • 7.4
    Candidates and Troopers who are still in their four (4) weeks of probation period may be instantly discharged or banned upon breaching SOCOMD Rules depending on the offence(s).

  • 7.5
    Any members who have been banned are not allowed to rejoin SOCOMD or enter Teamspeak.

  • 7.6
    SOCOMD HQ reserves the right to instantly ban any members who possess disruptive behaviours.

Reviewed and Signed off by:
Squadron Commanding Officer
Squadron HQ