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Joining the Unit

Here at SOCOMD, we strive to achieve the realism and immersion aspects of MILSIM in Arma 3, while mimicking the operational aspects of the 2CDO, as well as their supporting elements. Therefore we need all members to be mature minded in order to join SOCOMD. A selection process is in place to ensure the quality of potential operators, which includes the questionnaires in this initial application form and a formal interview afterwards.

All applicants should be at least 18 years of age to apply.

Applicants also need to obtain the correct mindset to join our MILSIM group and be able to participate in various training, operations and be able to role play as a special forces soldier in game using realistic tactics and procedures. We do appreciate any underage applicants’ genuine interest and their pursuit of MILSIM. Note: It is advised that all applicants are honest and serious with their application’s.

Any deliberate misleading information in the application form will ultimately lead to a dishonourable discharge from SOCOMD and a possible ban of the applicant/member.



We'll let you know within 48 hours of your application being accepted. We'll get in touch via email and give you details on servers, teamspeak, mod sets and training. We'll also let you know the next steps for you to get qualified and good to go for our next operation.

Once you've jumped onto our TeamSpeak, members of the Recruiting Board will interview you. They will be trying to figure out if you have the traits needed to fit in with our current members. It's nothing extreme and usually is over in about fifteen to twenty minutes. Once the Board is happy, they will assign you the rank of Recruit.

Once you're a Recruit, you'll start downloading our mod set and be given access to our steam group and Discord. We use the steam group to organise and schedule events and training.

All members of SOCOMD need to qualify on different training programs. Recruits must complete a set of training sessions within four weeks of a successful application - This ensures you can perform at a basic standard on the battlefield, more advanced training comes after that!



To ensure your transition into our unit is as smooth and enjoyable as possible, each new candidate completes a four (4) operation probation period. During this time, you will hold the rank of Recruit, depending on your completion of training. This is to allow more experienced members of the unit to help you settle in.

The probation period of new recruits also ensures SOCOMD remains aligned with its mission statement and also helps us to ensure that nobody is dropped into a situation they haven't been trained for. Once the probation period expires, you will have learned enough to stand on your own, and alongside fellow unit members.

There are no exceptions for probationary periods. Everyone has to start from the bottom, it ensures that all members know what it's like to be a recruit, and what a recruit needs to succeed in becoming a full member of the unit.

Expected Behaviour

Just be an adult – it’s really that simple! The behaviour we expect from you is that you listen, take direction from our Officers and NCOs and embrace the same values we do. This is applicable to both new candidates and full members. We are all here to have a good time, but once we deploy it’s time to put our game faces on and work in an authentic way, that fulfils our values, goals and culture. Members who don't share these values, will be discharged as they do not follow our unit’s direction and can not enjoy MILSIM Arma 3 like the rest of the unit.

We aren't after a mindless drone though, and we aren't a group of professional soldiers either. We do take feedback at the end of every mission, and if you have anything burning you want to say, reach out to someone with a higher rank up your chain of command. The key to getting through the probation period is as simply as listening to what superiors have to say, treating others with respect, and doing business the same way that we do.

After all, SOCOMD will only intake recruit and develop members who possess the correct mindset, which includes MILSIM, maturity and respect.

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