Who are we?

Mission Statement

To provide a fun, realistic and authentic Australian Arma 3 MILSIM experience whilst building a fair, persistent and active community of mature gamers.

Our Vision

SOCOMD, as an Australian Arma 3 MILSIM group, aims to provide members with the most authentic Australian MILSIM experience by emulating the organisational structure, training methods and planning procedures utilised by actual military forces. Every member will be proficiently trained, according to their rank, to follow standard operating procedures that are realistic, adjusted for Arma 3 and have been reviewed by former military personnel.

Who are We?

Special Operations Command (SOCOMD) is an Australian based Arma 3 MILSIM unit that is structured around the Special Air Service Regiment (SASR) of the Australian Defence Force. SOCOMD specialises largely in CO-OP Arma 3 gameplay; utilising equipment, strategies and tactics based on those employed by the Australian Military.

We don't enforce strict MILSIM rules like addressing members by rank or by saluting Officers. We do however, pride ourselves on maintaining a fun, immersive and authentic Arma 3 combat experience - yes, this means that good old fashioned Aussie banter is welcome, but when the bullets start flying, it's time to get our A-Game on.

With SOCOMD's founder being a former member of the RAAF's Airfield Defence Guards (ADG's), and other members having either served previously or are currently serving in the Australian Defence Force, this is the unit for you if you want an immersive and authentic Australian Arma 3 MILSIM digital combat experience.

How serious are we?

SOCOMD is an Australian online digital combat unit that is based on the actual military structure and rank system of the ADF. We take pride in every aspect of our member selection, training, planning and operations. Our highest priority at SOCOMD is to ensure that all of us devote ourselves towards running and/or participating in this MILSIM unit, and give as much dedication as we possibly can. Consequently, we are very serious about certain aspects.

SOCOMD takes great pride in emulating the structure of the Australian Defence Force and takes it very seriously and methodically. The Rank Structure we employ assists us in identifying senior members (Officers and NCOs) who are appropriately trained and qualified to take up certain roles such as a Platoon Commander or a Patrol Leader in-game. The TeamSpeak appointments that they hold demonstrate their assigned administrative roles within the unit's back end work.

The Rank Structure is used in a way that it emphasises the MILSIM experiences within SOCOMD. Just like in the real ADF, we need to follow orders in battle in order to accomplish our missions. Without proper chain of command, subordination, and coordination between different levels of operating within a Theatre of Operation, a campaign or mission can result in a catastrophic failure. Therefore, it is imperative that the ORBAT is adhered to, and to achieve that, everyone needs to strictly obey the chain of command/rank system. Like the ADF, and all Militaries abroad, personnel assigned to administrative roles receive an appropriate rank required to fulfil their responsibilities. These individuals are often senior members who, within their fields of expertise, keep the unit running smoothly.

Realism is a big thing in SOCOMD and we strive to offer every member the sense of immersion by creating a modern combat environment, using all the structures, and operating techniques that are available, along with very strict and detailed Zeus doctrines to guide the Zeus operators towards realistic, exciting and yet sensible operations.

During operations, every SOCOMD operator is expected to behave maturely, and "role play" as an ADF soldier, using the skills and techniques that he learnt to work in a team based environment. He must employ those skills during operations in order to perform with a sense of seriousness towards immersion within our MILSIM unit.

Community is one of our Core Values within SOCOMD. Therefore, SOCOMD's HQ members have taken a liberal stance with the way the community is run and during Community Round Table events, we are always willing to listen to suggestions, whether those suggestions relate to new and interesting developments that have potential application within SOCOMD, or even on how things can be done better, every member’s opinion is valued. We will consider and decide all suggestions based on operational requirements, back end workload for HQ Operation Groups, client side feasibility, server stress load, realism level, and compatibility with other mods.

Regular "Community Round Table" events are held to ensure any member can have their voices heard, and given enough support from their fellow community members, their ideas, wants or needs can help to shape SOCOMD. Every member is given a fair go at their turn in order for them to voice their ideas and concerns, in the name of MILSIM and realism. HQ will evaluate all suggestions based on our Mission Statement and if approved, an Operations Group will be assigned to the task and then gets further approved with their plans. Finally Troop COs will then implement the procedures.

There are few differences in operational styles between Campaign Missions and Stand Alone Operations that we hold each week. On our Campaign Missions, members need to be in their allocated fixed patrols, unless told otherwise by Zeuser or Platoon Commander (1-0). Also, members should not use or pick up any enemy weapons, for loadout cohesion and compatibility of ammunition between operators. During our Stand Alone Operations, the mission style can be relaxed, energized, cinematic, or dramatic to a certain degree, to create a sense of diversity in mission content. Also, with your Patrol Leader's permission, you may pick up and use enemy weapons whilst in the field.

Maturity and sensible behaviours must be carried out in both Campaign Missions and Stand Alone Operations, as we are a MILSIM unit. Professionalism is one of our core values which needs to be upheld at all times.

SOCOMD prides itself on being a "MILSIM unit", and that starts with training. Everything we do here in SOCOMD is based on real life situations in relations to candidate selection, training process and deployment procedures. First of all, only suitable applicants who possess the right mentality, maturity and focus will be selected, after going through our Candidate Selection Process (questionnaires and a formal interview), as part of our SOCOMD recruitment program.

If you are successful in joining us, we'll do everything we can to ensure that you are successful in the unit. We'll train you, mentor you and give you opportunities to make a name for yourself.

Each successful and privileged candidate must remember that by joining SOCOMD, he will be seen as an emulated special forces soldier within SOCOMD, and need to maintain his focus in preparing himself to become a versatile, and combat ready, all round operator according to SOCOMD's operational requirements. In response to that, every candidate will go through a rigorous basic training program which includes theoretical self learning and practical training sessions which will give them the opportunity to elevate their readiness at an outstanding level. This happens after they are formally inducted and received their rank of Candidate. This training program will simulate the real life ADF Recruitment Training and the SASR’s Reinforcement Training programs, which consists of but not limited to the following in the same categories:

  • Basic Field Craft
  • Advanced Weapons Course
  • Advanced Close Quarter Battle Course
  • SASR Urban Operations Course
  • SASR Vehicle Course
  • SASR Amphibious Operators Course
  • Special Forces Demolitions Course
  • Special Forces Basic Parachute Course
  • Special Forces Military Roping Course
  • Combat First Aiders Course

Every trainee is expected to pass the basic training program, provided that he remains focused and dedicated during his training period, which directly dictates the length of it. During his training period, he can still join our Stand Alone Operation on Saturday and Sunday nights, provided that he has completed the Primary Part (Reinforcement Training Part 1) of our basic training program.

Upon completion of the entire basic training program, the trainee will be promoted to the rank of Trooper. From there, he is deemed fully combat ready and tactically operational, and can also attend our Friday Night Campaign Mission. If he can attend all or most operations weekly (especially Friday Night Campaign Mission), he is then eligible to be assigned to our dedicated Fixed Patrols to operate within a fixed member format, where he can get familiar and comfortable with other operators within that Patrol. This helps to achieve greater familiarity, flexibility and preparedness. It also simulates a private being posted to a unit and assigned to a section to work with his team mates all the time.

Our Operation night on Friday is the most important event for our unit. Every member should make an effort to attend. For members who wish to advance further up the chain of command, the more active and engaged in our community they are, the more visible they are when promotion time comes.

Operation-wise, we use realistic and authentic ADF assets to the best of our abilities within Arma 3. This is to again to promote realism and immersion. We will always plan and operate missions with a vision of the availability of modern weapons and assets, in relations to the situation and the theatre of operation. Before each mission starts, operators are being briefed with a run down of a military style SMEAC to inform them of various elements within the mission. After the completion of each mission, a post-mission debrief is carried out to summarise the overall conduct and results, as well as on an individual basis if needed. This is to further improve our tactical procedures and possibly mends any loopholes that can improve our future operations.

When do we play?

Here's a breakdown of our week:

Monday/Tuesday Night - Server Maintenance/Other Games

  • Usually no activities, it is reserved for server and mod maintenance.
  • Depending on the availability of SOCOMD's Officers, training or operations can be held on request.
  • Members like to get on and play other games with each other.

Wednesday/Thursday Night - Training Night

  • Beginning 7:00 PM (AEST).
  • Concluding when training is complete.

Friday Night - Campaign Mission/Stand Alone Operation

  • On Friday nights we have Campaign Mission.
  • Begins 8:00pm (AEST). Be on teamspeak 15 miutes before start.
  • Concludes with a debrief.

Saturday Night - Stand Alone Operation

  • On Saturdays we have Stand Alone Operations which may vary slightly compared to Campaign missions.
  • Begins 8:00pm (AEST). Be on teamspeak 15 miutes before start.
  • Concludes with a debrief.

What if I can't make the scheduled training or mission times?

If you have the time, come and hang-out with us on TeamSpeak, there is usually always something entertaining going on. We have multiple games that the community plays, you most likely will find a gaming buddy. If there's something in particular you would like to do in Arma 3, simply find someone with the rank of SGT or above, or any of HQ Operations Groups, or a member of SOCOMD's Training Staff, and ask them to organise something, such as training or a mission.

It is important to note that all of our operations and training courses are scheduled through our Steam Group Calendar to account for variations in time zones, so be sure to keep an eye on it to know exactly when events are scheduled.

If a trainer is willing, and you can't make the usual training nights, you can organise training on an off-night. Please be mindful that the trainers time is valuable, and this would work best if there was more than one person who needed training.